Advertisment Program

Why advertise with us?

With our program having over 3 million downloads and an average of 250,000 users using MyRouter everyday We can get your name out there faster than our competitors
With a bigger bang for you buck. Our program is different than others that claim to offer the same. We are cheaper and more effective. For only $5 you will get 15,000 views on your ad.

How does it work?

MyRouter uses a standard advertisement model. CPM (Cost-per-mile or Cost-per-thousand) this means you pay for a desired amount of impressions or views of your ads
There is no fixed rate of how many times your ad will be dislayed to the same user, this all depends on how many ads we are serving BUT the more impressions purchased gives you priority.

We are different.

We dont use a typical login system, we track your ads for you and give you the link to check in and everything is live we dont update your progress every 24 hours.

Find out how much impressions cost.

Wanted impressions:
There is a minimum impression amount of 15,000